Global Manufacturer of Potato Based Starch

Agrum foods is the first company in India manufacturing premium quality native potato starch. Our products and services meet all necessary international standards required of potato processors.

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Agrum foods

Agrum foods aims to build and establish a quality based processed potato supply chain. Potato starch applications improve quality of products across streams.

As an established and professionally run organisation, we have a state of the art facility with advanced technology managed by a team of dedicated professionals. The four acre facility has an installed production capacity of 200 MT per day.



Potato starch is produced from processing variety of potatoes available in select regions of India. Through a complex mechanical process, starch grains are separated from other parts of the potato through a careful four stage process of washing, purification, drying and sieving. With the advent of new technology, extracting high quality starch has been made possible that aims to produce it in its purest form.